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MrJoint Portable Neck Massager

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The same relief you get at the chiropractor can be achieved in the comforts of your own home. The MrJoint Portable Neck Massager uses effective TENS pulse principles to relieve you of your lingering neck pain. headaches. and migraines.
It essentially provides miraclerelief for your migraines and headaches. which can provide instant muscle and neck pain relief using heat and pulsation. Try it at home for 30 days and if you don't like it. return it for your money back. No questions asked.
Premium Quality Design
The #1 Original Personal Massager
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
The Benefits

INSTANTTension Headache Relief

IMPROVES Posture & Blood Flow

RELIEVESMuscle Tension/Neck Pain

ERGONOMIC Soft Design to Fit Everyone!

Not only does it offer instant relief. but you can see lasting results with consistent usage. unlike chiropractors that don't last long.

Best for people with

-Tension Headaches

- Pinched Nerves

- Muscle Strain

- Muscle Stiffness

- Neck Spasms

- Herniated Disks

Wear it at home relaxing. traveling. at the gym. at work. or even in the car!

The Results

Wear MrJoint Portable Neck Massager for just 10 minutes a day for headache relief that can last the whole day...

NO MORE painful headaches. muscle stiffness & neck pain

NO MORE expensive Chiropractor visits

NO MORE muscle tension. cervical pressure. stress. and anxiety

Not only does it offer instant relief. but you can see lasting results with consistent usage.

Wear it at home relaxing. traveling. at the gym. at work. or even in the car!

How Does it work

MrJoint Portable Neck Massager uses the TENS pulse to simulate the best massage techniques all in the comfort of your own home. By soothing and massaging your neck. this device will not only cure your tension headaches but give you relaxing deep muscle massages.

By improving blood flow and relaxing your muscles. your headaches will fade away.

Insufficient sleep. anxiety. stress. bad posture. neck muscle tension. and many others are all symptoms oftension headaches for both men and women. MrJoint Portable Neck Massager will solve all these problems

Having your own personal massage therapist has never become easier!

15 Different Strength Settings- to alleviate and get all types of neck pain and headaches with a comfortable experience!

3 Different Modes- Choose from massage mode. soothing mode. and acupuncture mode

Who is it for?

If you find yourself with consistenttension headachesand neck muscle tension especially after work or from stress. MrJoint Portable Neck Massager is right for you. Whether you're at the computer or even trying to relax in your bed. MrJoint Portable Neck Massager will give you hours of bliss!

Take it anywhere. leave home. go to the gym. be at work. or even on a business trip!

Regardless of your age or neck size. MrJoint Portable Neck Massager will be a comfortable fit for everyone!

What's Included

Your MrJoint Portable Neck Massager Includes

1 Manual

1 MrJoint Portable Neck Massager

1 Charging USB

1 Remote Control

All are made from premium quality materials to ensure the best experience!

MrJoint Portable Neck Massager FAQS

Question: How Long does it take to get relief?

Answer: With MrJoint Portable Neck Massager you will feel the results within 10 minutes of use with repeated use over time

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: A simple 2-hour charge will get you 15 minutes a day for up to a whole month!


Answer: 1. You must dampen your neck with a wet towel. Turning ON the massager by press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds. Wait until you hear a beep to confirm the massager is ON.

2. Click on the "M" on the remote. then click the "+" button to begin the massage functions.

3. Click on the "+" button for higher intensity and the "-" button for lower intensity.


Answer: We highly recommend that individuals with any preexisting health conditions are to contact their physician prior to using MrJoint Neck Massager.

This recommendation applies to the following individuals including but not limited to:

-Pregnant women: Should avoid using TENS inside the abdominal and pelvic regions.

-People with epilepsy: Applying electrodes to the top or neck may also induce seizures.

-People with coronary heart problems.

-People with a pacemaker or every other sort of electric or metal implant.


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